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I’m Deidra, the creator of Aloe Oil by Deh Aloe Gyul. The aloe vera leaf has been apart of my beauty regimen for three consecutive years and has given me what I’ve needed my entire life: peace of mind. Since investing in this plant, I no longer buy store made beauty products. I make my own aloe vera based products, specifically Aloe Oil.

I started producing DAG Aloe Oil post Hurricane Maria in 2017, when I was spending way more time outside and where nature and I essentially became one. My goal was to rid all store/factory made topical products from my life and replace them all with natural, self-made products. I wanted to be a real Naturalista.

My initial interest:

First, I used to incorporate raw aloe juice, that I made myself, in my store bought hair products: Eco styler gel, my shampoo/conditioner, leave in conditioner, even my hair styling mouse. Then when I realized how much it was helping my hair flourish, I incorporated raw aloe juice in my topical beauty products: my lotion, body spray, facial toner, and facial cleanser. Everything I owned was diluted with raw aloe juice. It made such an impact on my natural beauty.

I did this dilution technique for about a year and a half before getting the results I expected of my hair and skin. The healing, restoration, and rejuvenation process happened before my eyes and I slowly started regaining confidence in my natural appearance. I gained so much confidence that I got disgusted with makeup. I used to wear makeup daily before discovering aloe vera. Makeup does so much more harm than good for my skin, primarily because I have sensitive/combination skin, and makeup was  helping me in that matter but I just wasn’t educated at the time.

So now we made it to 2019, a whole new me has emerged. I now consider myself a minimalist: the less I have, the better I feel...naturally. So the less beauty products I have to worry about, the better I feel.

I needed a universal aloe based product to fulfill all my beauty needs. That’s when I began doing in-depth research on the aloe vera plant and hence, Aloe Oil was created and my life changed for the better, once again.

I use Aloe Oil primarily on my hair and body. It definitely grows my hair and keeps my skin buttery soft. When I’m preparing meals, it’s my base cooking oil. I also add a teaspoon of it in my daily bush tea. Aloe Oil is a part of my everyday routine and I can’t picture myself without it now. 

I’m truly grateful to present and share my creation with you all and hope it impacts your natural beauty as beautifully as it did mine.

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