How To Use Aloe Oil.


Place DAG Aloe Oil bottle nozzle directly onto your scalp and gently squeeze. Do this throughout your scalp until head is evenly coated. Massage head and scalp for two minutes after to increase blood flow and speed up hair growth. Apply DAG Aloe Oil to scalp every other day for best results. Product can be used as a hot oil treatment.

Hair and Locs:

Divide hair into even sections. Apply a quarter sized amount to each section by rubbing DAG Aloe Oil in your hands then coat each section of hair evenly. Do no rinse out. Product can be used as a hot oil treatment. For the absolute best results, apply on damp hair and let dry.



DAG Aloe Oil is beneficial for rapidly treating acne, acne scars, dark marks, and blemishes. Wash your face throughly with your cleanser. Apply a pea sized amount as a moisturizer and rub in. Cleanse and moisture twice a day with DAG Aloe Oil to achieve clear, glowing skin faster. Use as a spot treatment on pimples, burns or cuts. 



Evenly coat and rub in DAG Aloe Oil all over your body after showering. Your pores are open after being steamed in the shower so this is the best time to apply DAG Aloe Oil for maximum hydration and rejuvenation. Apply nightly for best results.



Substitute DAG Aloe Oil as your base cooking oil to attain all the internal health benefits DAG Aloe Vera offers without the natural bitter taste of the Aloe Vera leaf. Your meals will taste the same but will be loaded with the natural vitamins your body needs.