DAG Bar Box - Deh Aloe Gyul.
DAG Bar Box - Deh Aloe Gyul.


DAG Bar Box

Deh Aloe Gyul Bar Box is stuffed with all your favorite Bars for the ultimate, naturally clean experience. You’ll get all 4 iconic DAG Bars for your face and body, a Poo Bar to wash and moisturize your tresses, a Bar Pouch for extra cleansing, and a Toothbrush to keep those teeth naturally white and healthy.



  • 1 Aloe Bar (Massage Spikes)
  • 1 Aloe Cinnabar (Massage Spikes)
  • 1 Aloe Clay Bar (Massage Spikes)
  • 1 Aloe Herb Bar (Massage Spikes)
  • 1 Aloe Poo Bar
  • 1 Bar Pouch
  • 1 DAG Toothbrush


Aloe Bar:

  • Clears acne.
  • Stops acne from occurring if used regularly.
  • Fades dark spots.
  • Deep cleans pores.


Aloe Cinnabar:

  • Clears acne.
  • Smoothens skin.
  • Tones uneven skin.
  • Fades dark spots.


Herb Bar:

  • Daily moisturizing and skin healing.
  • Fades dark spots and scars.
  • No synthetic ingredients.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Good for relaxation.


Clay Bar:

  • Clears acne and pimples.
  • Calms irritation.
  • Calms redness.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines.
  • Good for inflammation, irritation, or redness.
  • Targets eczema!
  • Deep moisturizing cleanse.
  • All organic ingredients.


Poo Bar:

  • Leaves hair extra clean, shiny and very nourished.
  • Following up with conditioner is optional.
  • Increases hair volume.
  • Grows hair faster.
  • Reduces frizz dandruff!
  • Defines curls.
  • Makes hair more manageable during and after washing.
  • Reduces waste (no bottles to throw away)
  • Concentrated formula for a very long lasting product. 1 bar can last up to 1 year.
  • Great for travel.
  • Saves space in your shower.


DAG Toothbrush:

  • Naturally reduces teeth stains.
  • Naturally absorbs plaque.
  • Kills bacteria and other germs.
  • Eliminates bad breath/halitosis.


Aloe Bar Pouch:

  • Safe, all natural soap pouch.
  • Extends the life of your soap bar.
  • A cleaner way to store your soap.
  • Very smooth on the skin.
  • Lathers very quickly so your bar soap can lasts longer.
  • Your entire bar of soap will be used, no more small useless bits that might get thrown away.
  • No more soap dish scum filled with bacteria.
  • The bag and soap dries perfectly after showering.
  • Dual-action exfoliator.
  • Effective body scrubber yet gentle on the skin.
  • Good for your skin or head.
  • Leaves skin very clean and smooth.