Aloe Bar Pouch - Deh Aloe Gyul.
Aloe Bar Pouch - Deh Aloe Gyul.
Aloe Bar Pouch - Deh Aloe Gyul.


Aloe Bar Pouch

If you’re using a plastic pouf to shower with, it needs to go. Continued research from dermatologists has proven that these pouf balls are not ideal for our skin. The Aloe Bar Pouch is crafted with sisal: a natural fiber that comes from the agave plant. Because these fibers are so strong, they are popular in coastal environments like the Caribbean, hard water or salt water will not deteriorate it. The fibers are ethically sourced, non-toxic, and safe for use on the body. Coming from a plant makes it sustainable and environmentally friendly. Exfoliating will be a dream come true with this pouch.



  • Safe, all natural soap pouch.
  • Extends the life of your soap bar.
  • A cleaner way to store your soap.
  • Very smooth on the skin.
  • Lathers very quickly so your bar soap can lasts longer.
  • Your entire bar of soap will be used, no more small useless bits that might get thrown away.
  • No more soap dish scum filled with bacteria.
  • The bag and soap dries perfectly after showering.
  • Dual-action exfoliator.
  • Effective body scrubber yet gentle on the skin.
  • Good for your skin or head.
  • Leaves skin very clean and smooth.




Insert your favorite DAG Bar, pull the drawstring, wet entire bag then begin scrubbing.



Natural Sisal Fibers