AloeGyul Favorites - Deh Aloe Gyul.

AloeGyul Favorites

Hey Hey! Your Aloe Gyul here 👋🏾 

I bring to you my absolute FAVORITE products that I have been using daily and weekly for the past year to manage my healthy growing hair and soft skin. Here’s my regimen and uses for each:


Aloe Oil (4 ounces)

  • Daily: Moisturize my damp skin right after showering; apply to my lips throughout the day.
  • Weekly: Oil my scalp and massage in; add some in my spray bottle to spray my scalp and hair.

 Aloe Bar/ Aloe Wash

  • Daily: Wash my face with the Aloe Bar first then wash again with the Aloe Wash. I use both simultaneously on my body. 
  • Monthly: Use Aloe Wash to wash my hair (lather and rinse 2-3x for locs).


Aloe Cinnascrub

  • Weekly: I scrub my face and neck once a week (I have sensitive skin and stay indoors primarily). I scrub my lips every other day. I scrub my underarms, legs, and bikini area after shaving and in between shaving.


AloeGyul Herbs (10 milligrams)

  • I’ve added these herbs to my Aloe Oil, Black Aloe Oil and Aloe Wash.